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Visitation Rights

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In addition to existing custody agreements, Arizona law allows a noncustodial parent to retain visitation rights with their children. Because the best interests of the child are always at the forefront of decisions made by the court, it is generally accepted that children do better when they retain continual contact with both of their parents. Without a compelling legal reason to prevent one parent from having contact, each parent has certain rights, including the right to a continued, close relationship with their child.

When determining visitation, family law courts usually focus on whether or not:

  • Both parents are fit to care for their child
  • Both parents desire to continue their relationship with the child
  • The agreement is in the best interests of the child
  • Both parents are able to follow the parenting plan
  • The child needs the stability of both parents' presence in their life
  • The parents are able to try and work out an agreement before coming to court

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Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, visitation rights are often violated and the noncustodial parent may end up losing the desired contact with their child. If this has happened to you, or if you have a visitation agreement with your ex-spouse that you wish to modify, it is extremely beneficial to hire the services of an experienced Phoenix custody lawyer to take on your case. We are sympathetic to the problems that parents face, and are ready to provide compassionate, caring, and supportive advocacy from start to finish.

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