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Child Support

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Child support can be one of the most difficult and contentious issues that arises during the divorce proceedings. While some divorces may end rather amicably and smoothly, others can turn into a messy situation that quickly escalates due to financial matters. At Sutton Law, we have an experienced Phoenix child support lawyer with over a decade of experience guiding families through child support matters. We are here to help you resolve your child support disputes effectively and efficiently.

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Arizona Child Support Laws

The rules for making child support payments and their amounts are typically straightforward and simple to follow. Often times, both parents are W-2 earners and payments can be easily calculated by plugging in a salary and number of children. If the case is more complex, a family law court will look at a variety of factors to determine the amount of child support that will be paid to the custodial parent.

Family law courts may take numerous factors into account when making child support decisions, including:

  • The parent's salaries
  • Underemployment of parent
  • Self-employment of parent
  • Earning capacity of parent
  • Ability of the parent to support themselves
  • Number of children
  • Needs of children

Have You Recalculated Your Support Lately?

Just because you were receiving a certain amount of child support in the past does not necessarily mean that this will be the payment amount forever. Child support guidelines in Arizona were changed on June 1, 2011, making it easier for parents to have their payments recalculated. If you have not recalculated your support payments since then, it is in your best interests to do so as soon as possible, as you may be eligible to receive more.

Trusted Legal Counsel & Support During Your Divorce Proceedings

From calculating payments to creating or modifying agreements to ensuring that the other parent is being honest and straightforward about their true income, there are numerous issues related to child support that require the services of an experienced child support attorney in Phoenix.

We are able to provide families with the well-informed counsel and support that they require during divorce and child support proceedings to ensure that you and your child's interests are upheld.

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