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Divorce is often a long and difficult process. As a result, it can have a significant impact on any children who are involved, affecting their future well-being as well as their relationship with each parent. The right lawyer can mitigate these effects.

Ideally, we at Sutton Law, P.C. want to help you create your own parenting plan instead of leaving your future in the hands of a judge or court that doesn’t know you. We offer the compassionate and skilled support you need.

It is vital that you approach your child custody proceedings with the help of an experienced Phoenix child custody attorney who knows how to protect your custody rights. Our dedicated family law attorney will be at your side throughout the process, personally handling every step of your case. You don't have to deal with this issue alone.

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Factors Determining Child Custody Decisions

Because the well-being of the child is at the forefront of decisions made by family law courts in Arizona, they often operate under the assumption that contact with both parents is in the best interests of both parents and children. If possible, it is usually even better for both parents to work together and agree upon a joint custody arrangement that is acceptable to them and the court.

When deciding child custody, factors that the courts look at include:

  • The reasonable preferences of the child
  • The suitability and stability of each home environment
  • The child-parent relationships
  • Parenting capability
  • Evidence of abuse, neglect, or mistreatment in the home
  • Evidence of drug or alcohol use in the home
  • The parents' work schedules

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Whether through mediation with your ex-spouse or litigation as we fight for custody rights in the courtroom, we are dedicated to advocating for you and keeping your child's interests at the forefront of everything we do. If you need an experienced and skilled divorce attorney in Phoenix to work tirelessly for the best possible outcome in your child custody case, schedule your free consultation with us today.

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