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Arson Lawyer in Phoenix

Definition of "Arson" in Arizona

Arson charges can be filed when a person is suspected of intentionally or unlawfully damaging property by setting it on fire or causing an explosion. Because of the destructive nature of fires, the state takes these charges extremely seriously and considers arson a felony. Generally speaking, the more severe the damage that was caused, the more severe the consequences that the prosecution will pursue.

Have you been charged with arson or a related property crime? If so, then it is essential for you to contact a Phoenix criminl defense attorney as soon as possible. At Sutton Law, P.C., we have a former prosecutor who can help you prepare a solid defense against even the most serious of arson charges in Arizona.

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Types of Arson & Potential Penalties for Arson in AZ

Arson can be charged as a class 4 felony if the structure was unoccupied and the damaged value exceeds $1,000. Potential punishments for a conviction may range from probation to no more than a year in jail.

A class 2 felony occurs if the structure was occupied at the time of the fire or explosion. This offense is punishable by up to 12.5 years in prison. In addition to this, if the defendant has a prior criminal conviction on their record at the time that charges are brought, he or she may face an even longer prison sentence.

In Arizona, there are different types of arson charges, which include:

  • Reckless burning
  • Unlawful cross or symbol burning
  • Wildlands burning
  • Arson of a property or structure

Creating an Aggressive Defense on Your Behalf

To effectively beat your charges, it is often necessary to have an experienced Phoenix arson attorney with you throughout the process. We can launch our own comprehensive pre-trial investigation with the help of leading experts. By working with fire experts, firsthand witnesses, and other forms of evidence, we can help you uncover mistakes made by law enforcement officials, holes in the prosecution's case, and even evidence that may work in your favor.

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